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Amber Lawrence | Careers Talk AUS
Amber Lawrence | Careers Talk AUS
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Amber Lawrence

Artist Bio

  • 2016 CMC Female Artist of the Year
  • 2015 CMAA Golden Guitar Award – Female Artist of the Year
  • 2015 CMC Female Artist of the Year

Amber Lawrence is an award-winning singer-songwriter whose career keeps going from strength to strength. Each year seems to get better and busier for Amber, with 2016 seeing the engaging entertainer win ‘Female Oz Artist of the Year’ at the Country Music Channel Oz Awards, for the second year in a row. Amber was also extremely honoured to receive an Australia Day Bronze Achievement Award for her contribution to veterans and their families, via her work with DefenceCare.

Amber’s biggest career achievement to date was being awarded the iconic and prestigious ‘Female Artist of the Year’ award, at the 2015 CMAA Golden Guitar awards. This was quickly followed up with the Country Music Channel 2015 ‘Female Oz Artist of the Year’ Award. This is the first time in history that a female artist has won both awards in one year. In 2016, Amber released not one, but two albums – the critically acclaimed 5th studio album “Happy Ever After”, and her high selling children’s album “The Kid’s Gone Country”.

Amber has released 22 singles over the course of her career to-date that have either reached #1 or Top 5 on the Country Music Radio Chart and the CMC Video charts. She’s the winner of the “Telstra Horizon Award” (2010) and above all is well known for her fun and entertaining live shows!! 

Amber is also a mentor to young artists in the Australian Country Music industry and each year she is one of the Group Leaders at the Australian Academy of Country Music. In addition, Amber has provided FREE entertainment and mentoring in over 300 schools Australia wide, as part of her ‘Be Your Own Superhero’ program. Amber has a strong connection and affiliation with children, with her first Children’s album ‘The Kid’s Gone Country’ released with a number 1 iTunes hit (“My Big Mack Truck”), in May 2016.

2017 is shaping up to be another big one for Amber, with two Golden Guitar nominations – for Female Artist of the Year and for Vocal Collaboration of the year for her hit song “Cheers to the Girls”, featuring Catherine Britt and Fanny Lumsden. This song has been the inspiration behind the girls hitting the road together next year for the Love & Lies Tour in the first half of 2017. Amber is also nominated in a number of categories for this year’s CMC awards, yet again.

Facebook: facebook.com/amberlawrencemusic/

Website: amberlawrence.com.au

Twitter: amberlawrence



Who or what inspired you through your early years to explore your passion for music and what activities did you participate in whilst you were at school to build your career?

I auditioned for the school musical when I was in year 11, and that is when I found my love of music. I got the second lead role in the musical Calamity Jane – I was a complete beginner, but I loved it, and then I started having singing lessons.

After school, you completed an accounting degree at UNSW and worked in corporate finance for Qantas. Did you continue to explore your passion for music during your time at university?

I really didn’t explore music further until I finished my university degree. In my first year of work at Qantas, I found that I had enough money to afford singing and guitar lessons, this led to open mic nights and karaoke which then led to my first professional gigs in cover duo’s and bands.

What steps did you take after school/university to develop your career (e.g., developing a social media presence, touring)?

There wasn’t much social media around when I started my music career, so a fan base was built via doing gigs and touring, and getting email addresses and sending fan emails.

What steps did you take to sign with a label, press contact etc.?

Lucky for me I was performing at the Gympie muster and a record label executive was watching me and signed me to a deal!

You’ve had considerable success in the music industry, releasing several albums, playing at major music festivals, touring extensively, singing around the world and winning major awards. Apart from natural talent and a strong work ethic, what do you attribute to your success?

The love of it – my audience and fans can see that I love it, and that resonates, and helps them to enjoy what I do. Plus loving it allows you to keep on going even when times are tough.

Whilst you’ve lived in the city, you’ve embraced country music and the myriad of emotions associated with it such as love, heartbreak, loss, community, and the love of family. How important is it to you to have a ‘sense of community’ and to meet people of all ages through touring regional and remote Australia?

It’s really important to understand what is important to your audience. Regional people of Australia value honesty, love, family, good times – and this is learned through touring and meeting my audience!

What Australian bands do you enjoy listening to?

The Waifs are my favourite – but I also love Kasey Chambers, Troy Cassar Daley, Silverchair and many more.

In 2015 you were a ‘Record Store Day Australia’ ambassador. Could you tell us about this initiative, and in an age of people downloading songs digitally, why you feel that record stores are still an important medium for young people who would like to pursue a career in music?

Yes record stores are so important, because the recommendation from the passionate music store owner or employee can be so important in breaking an artist. I’ve been lucky to have the support of Songland Records in Canberra who have sold hundreds of my albums, just through word of mouth. Record stores are still important in breaking new artists.

What have been some of the highlights of your career journey so far?

Winning a Golden Guitar, winning the CMC Female Artist of the Year for two years in a row, traveling to Afghanistan to entertain our troops, and helping many charities along the way.

There is a saying that ‘if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life’. What do you find to be personally fulfilling about your career in music and how have you kept motivated to pursue your dreams when music can be a tough industry.

I love when people sing lyrics back to me. When I make a difference in someone’s life through music. All things that wouldn’t have been possible if I stayed in a ‘normal’ job!!

Some young people who are passionate about music don’t pursue a career after school, as they are concerned they won’t have a secure job or career. What advice can you offer young people (and their parents/guardians) who are thinking about pursing a career in the music industry?

Well it is risky – but not following your dreams is also risky!! Hard work, plus talent and belief will pay off!