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Jodie Paxton

Jodie Paxton, Music Coordinator, Elwood College

Who or what inspired you through your early years to explore your passion for music?

My main inspiration for my passion for music was my own music teacher at school. He just made it all seem exciting and I knew from an early age, I wanted a career in music.

We are still friends on Facebook! My family have always supported me in my music and attended almost everything I have been in – that’s dedication!

What activities did you all participate in whilst you were at school to build your career?

I tried everything – from learning lots of different instruments, to writing songs and singing in church. I was in the school musicals and performed in assemblies and anywhere anyone would listen!

When you were at school and planning for the next step in further education or training, what were your plans at the time? Did you plan on pursuing music teaching?

To an extent; I knew I wanted to study music at university and continue learning the piano, but I was not sure what field I wanted to go into professionally.

At that stage I was eagerly writing songs to be used for the Eurovision Song Contest!

What steps did you initially take during or after school to develop your career?

I continued to learn the piano but the main turning point was when I changed from classical to jazz piano. It was then I started using my voice more and singing in lots of choirs.

Since that time I have been in a number of exciting projects including singing on stage at the Hammersmith Apollo with Jason Donovan, being in an accapella singing group, becoming a vocal coach for a stage school called Razzamataz, singing in various choirs from Gospel to Bach and of course, the stereotypical wedding singer!

What are your top tips for young people who are keen make a career in music teaching?

Get involved in everything you can.

Music is to be shared and while it is satisfying to work on your craft at home and to a small audience, any passion shared is inspiring both to you and your audience.

Put the effort in, don’t cut corners, practise and just keep going!

What do you love about your job?

Everything – I love the journey that music has on the students here.

I have seen students who can barely speak to their peers use music as a way to communicate and find themselves on a stage singing in front of hundreds.

I have seen students use music as a way to support them through tough times and I have seen students who go on to become incredible musicians and inspire others.

Why should young musicians consider pursuing a career in music teaching?

There are so many reasons, but ultimately it is about doing something you love.

When you have a passion for something, it is contagious and the energy that comes from that is what attracts others to get involved.

It connects people both through playing but also supporting and the science behind the positive effects it can have on you is proof that everyone needs a little music in their life.