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Zack Teperman


Originally from Toronto, Canada, and now based in Los Angeles, California, Zack studied marketing and broadcasting at Seneca College.

Upon graduating, Zack turned his talents to becoming an on-air radio disc jockey, working across the country from Miami to Yellowknife to Toronto at such stations as the Fan 590, KISS FM, Y100, and Mix100.

After leaving radio, Zack focused his expertise on public relations, helping lead many Canadian and American high-profile PR campaigns for fortune 500 companies, start-up/lifestyle brands, and celebrity talent.

After making the move to sunny Hollywood, California, Zack served for years as the Operations Manager and as a Senior Account Executive at Lexicon Public Relations, helping guide and advise many celebrities and companies to where they are now.

With his years of media experience, social media/marketing strategies and his straight-to-the-point attitude, Zack is pleased to finally take the helm with ZTPR and bringing his personal touch and results to each client along with his diverse public relations team of hungry go-getters.

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Can you tell us about your career background?

I started off as a radio disc jockey having my own show on various FM radio stations in Canada and also working for a bit in Miami, Florida.

Working in radio led me to various opportunities and into the Public Relations and Marketing industries where I work today as the President of ZTPR (based out of Los Angeles, California).

What advice can you offer young aspiring Australian actors who would like to work in America?

My advice would be to come out to Hollywood – even if it is just for a month or two – and meet with different managers, casting directors, etc. while in town. Also, take some acting classes in Hollywood so you can network with other actors and meet casting directors who sometimes run these classes. In order to succeed, you need to be ‘out there’ networking and having your face/personality seen.

If you can afford Public Relations, then hire a publicist/firm that can get you into events to network and be photographed at. A publicist like myself can help the American media learn about who you are, what makes you different, and show-off your abilities to help garner potential jobs here.

But if you cannot yet afford a publicist, then my biggest advice is to take a chance, come to the USA, and network. And if you can’t get yourself here, then email, email, email, and try everything in your power from where you are so that people all over know who you are and what you are all about!

How does an Australian actor secure a talent manager and a PR manager in America?

Reach out to individuals you are interested in working with (can find these people on IMDB or other database sites) and send them your information, reel, headshots, etc… That is the easiest way.

Or if you are in town (Hollywood), network at various events or ask other actors in town you meet if they would help you meet their representation. While the entertainment industry can be cut-throat, people here who aren’t yet big themselves tend to like to help others, and meeting new people is never a bad thing.

Which Australian actors do you admire?

I am a huge Margot Robbie fan. Not only for her recent work, but her story on how she developed is truly inspiring.

What personal attributes are important in an actor working in America?

Persistence, staying humble, showing up on time, taking risks, willingness to learn from others & take advice, and being passionate (not lazy), are all key attributes that go into a successful actor.